Some camp sites, lodges, golf clubs and marinas already protect their valued clients from midges by defending their site(s) with virtually silent self powered free-standing midge machines. As a camper you may also benefit from an enterprising caravanner who has invested in the technology and has built a 1-1.5 acres midge free zone around their family. Ask your site owner or club captain about midge machines or contact us personally for further information at info@midgeguard.co.uk.

Midges rise to greet the first rays of the sun and whether in a tent, caravan or lodge the first invasion begins at dawn, the advance guard retreat to shady trees as the sun gets hotter but then the reserve division redoubles the attack at dusk, attracted by barbecues, patio heaters and people breathing.

Reclaim your outdoor space


Crisp salads, char-grilled steaks, a chilled bottle of white wine, BBQ sizzling in the background and the patio heater warming the cool night air. Deck lights illuminate the darkness and life is good. Then the midges begin their attack!

During daylight hours they prefer shaded areas out of direct sunlight preferring dull weather conditions.

At dusk, attracted by breathing and the gas from barbecues and patio heaters the little pests can get so bad that outdoor activity is rapidly curtailed and everyone moves indoors.

Reclaim your outdoor space


Nowadays, the Big Day is often set in a marquee. This is an extension to a wonderful country house or grand hotel providing a perfect, formal informality. Other times, it’s a more intimate affair in your own garden.

Families recall the fun and laughter for years to come, but however well planned there are often parts of the day that are remembered more than others.

The midge can blight any outside celebrations, driving parties indoors and often upsetting months of detailed preparation. Rising in clouds from shaded woodlands, ponds and rivers, more especially at dawn and dusk, midges and other biting insects target humans by detecting their breath.